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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The Wolf and The Bone

Wolfs Bone

Sometimes he kept his nastiness for when we were alone,

he was the wolf,

I was the bone.

This was always downstairs, 

when my parents were unawares.

In these moments my soul was ripped to shreds.

The wolf had to be fed

A mental battle had begun,

it was one he always won.

A game he would play to convince me I'm stupid.

my courage often became muted. 

I was frozen to the spot,

but escape I could not.

No I won't agree that I am less,

I don't care if that doesn't impress.

Women aren't inferior 

there's something evil in your interior.

I won't agree that you are superior.

I will not let you wreck,

let you ruin and maim.

You will not hold me hostage inside my own brain,

my spirit you will not drain. 

From caring I tried to refrain

but I felt unbearable pain.

You are perplexing, 

why are you subjecting me to this ego flexing,

every time we are alone?

I am a child you are a man,

this conversation should be banned. 

I don't want to talk about sex.

I am a child I just want to relax.

Why do you want to know?

Surely these are things I shouldn't hear of until I am grown?

Why must you haunt me whenever I'm alone,

I just want to feel safe in my own home. 

Trapped as he mentally dissected me bit by bit. 

I really wanted to flit.

I was frozen to the spot,

let him behave this way I could not. 

My mother enabled the abuser,

I became the diffuser.

If you read this and feel less alone.

Don't be a wolfs bone,

because abuse is never home.

Escape if you can,

find your safe haven, 

A place where you can begin mending,

don't lose hope for a happier ending.

The images used on this blog do not belong to me just the words.

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