Friday, 11 October 2019

Do Autistic People Get Suicidal Thoughts?

I Often Feel Like I Don’t Want to Be Here
I have chosen to answer this because I am moved to by the number of times I find myself saying “I don’t want to be here.” I am not suicidal writing this but I am very sad and the sadness never seems to lessen or go away for long. I am not sad about my life with my fiance because I love him to bits and I am so lucky to have found someone who truly understands me. His family are also in that special and very sparsely populated group of people who take the time to understand someone like me who has a different brain. I will discuss why I often feel this way and I hope that it answers this question in a way that might make people think about how they treat others. I write in hopes of bringing about positive change for others and myself.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Autism, Witches, Banshees, Friendlessness and Other Spooky Things

Why I Can Relate to Witches  

Since it is October and because I love Halloween, I have decided to write a Halloween themed article and witches are my chosen topic. I have always wanted to visit Salem in America so it is on my bucket list.  I often feel quite like I can relate to witches and I have read a lot about them and how they suffered years before now. I wonder if they actually were practising witchcraft or if they were just the unfortunate people who could not quite fit into society and were punished for that.

The Monster of Rumination

The Monster of Rumination  

Going with a Halloween theme for October I will talk about the monster that is rumination.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

My Mother Makes Me Feel Like I am Going Insane

Hello, and welcome to my latest blog post I recommend any new readers to refer to these blog posts to get caught up to where things are now.

Lack Of Emotion

This post is mostly veering away from autism just for today perhaps someone out there is in a similar situation and might feel less alone after reading this. Today I really want to write about how families react to traumatic events. My mother has an extreme lack of emotion or feelings towards the abuse  I endured in her home. Yet she has the ability to express emotion towards the abuse that occurred outside of it. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Multi Tasking, Sequencing, Transitioning and Other things

Multi-Tasking , Transitioning, Sequencing  and Other Things

Amongst the many weird and annoying ways autism digs its claws into my life is that my brain seems unable to mult-task very well or sometimes even at all. I find this rather infuriating and want to discuss the many ways in which it happens in further detail. I am a one thing at a time kind of person in many parts of my life but this is due to necessity. I have to choose one or the other. Even in regards to the things I really wish I didn’t have to choose between because my disability limits me. Autism effects some people differently than others but my variation of the bag of symptoms that are directly caused by it is pretty disabling. Each little thing I do takes more focus than it should and it is mentally exhausting to go through life like this.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Autism Thought Patterns & Compulsions

Types of Thoughts

Looping thoughts or Rumination
Looping thoughts are the same thought circling in my head over and over again with no relief from it at their worst these have made me not want to be here. I Sometimes pray to god to make them stop and yet I don’t even know if he exists but they send me into despair.

How to Date With Autism

I had a suggestion from a reader of one of my answers to cover this topic and I am thankful they gave me that idea. I feel like I might be ...